Random Backend

Deprecated since version 4.6.0: This backend has been removed in 4.6.0

  • Native: Yes
  • Master: No
  • Slave: No
  • Superslave: No
  • Case: Depends
  • DNSSEC: Yes, no key storage
  • Disabled data: No
  • Comments: No
  • Zone caching: No
  • Module name: built in
  • Launch: random

This is a very silly backend which is discussed in the Backends writer’s guide. as a demonstration on how to write a PowerDNS backend.

This backend knows about only one hostname, and only about its IP address at that. With every query, a new random IP address is generated.

It only makes sense to load the random backend in combination with a regular backend. This can be done by prepending it to the launch instruction, such as launch=random,gmysql.

Configuration Parameters


  • String

Hostname for which to supply a random IP address.