The API allows searching for data in Zones, Comments and RRSets.


GET /servers/{server_id}/search-data

Search the data inside PowerDNS

Search the data inside PowerDNS for search_term and return at most max_results. This includes zones, records and comments. The * character can be used in search_term as a wildcard character and the ? character can be used as a wildcard for a single character.

  • server_id (string) – The id of the server to retrieve
Query Parameters:
  • q (string) – The string to search for
  • max (integer) – Maximum number of entries to return
  • object_type (string) – Type of data to search for, one of “all”, “zone”, “record”, “comment”
Status Codes:


Object Properties:
  • content (string) –
  • disabled (boolean) –
  • name (string) –
  • object_type (string) – set to one of “record, zone, comment”
  • zone_id (string) –
  • zone (string) –
  • type (string) –
  • ttl (integer) –