Managing ZoneControl

Controlling the ZoneControl service

ZoneControl comes with scripts and files relevant to the service management system for the Operating System it is installed on.

Note that ZoneControl does not support run-time reloading of its configuration.

systemd (RHEL/CentOS 7+, Debian 8+, Ubuntu 15.04+)

ZoneControl’s service is called (unsurprisingly) zonecontrol.service and can be controlled in the normal fashion.


systemctl start zonecontrol.service


systemctl stop zonecontrol.service


systemctl restart zonecontrol.service

Managing ZoneControl

ZoneControl comes with a tool called zonecontrol-manage, which is a wrapper around the Django script.

This script supports all the default commands from Django and some ZoneControl related ones.

zonecontrol-manage addserver

This command can be used to add PowerDNS Authoritative Servers to the configuration without logging in as an admin to the web-interface. It can be invoked as follows:

zonecontrol-manage addserver Server1 MySecretAPIKey

This will add a new server called “Server1”. This server is connected to on and “MySecretAPIKey” is used as the shared secret to connect.

This command also supports some other options, please refer to the output of

zonecontrol-manage addserver --help

zonecontrol-manage runscheduled

Run all scheduled tasks.