A Server is a PowerDNS Authoritative Server that exposes its API for use by ZoneControl. The following attributes are required when creating a Server:

  • Name: A unique name for this Server. This is displayed in various places in the Web Interface

  • Base url: The URL where this server can be contacted, e.g.

  • API Key: The access token to authenticate to the API. Must be same as the one set in the api-key setting of the Authoritative Server.

When adding a Server, ZoneControl will validate the connectivity before allowing it to be saved.

By default ZoneControl uses a trust store of the Python installation bundled with the ZoneControl packages. Should administrators prefer to use a different trust store, for example the OS one, its location can be configured by the environmental variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE. For the web interface the environmental variable needs to added to the systemd unit file. This file is located at /etc/systemd/system/zonecontrol.service.d/override.conf and can be created either manually or by using systemctl edit zonecontrol.service command. The example is listed below:



The command line tools of ZoneControl, like zonecontrol-manage for example, do not read the content of the systemd service and the above environmental variable needs to be set either for each execution or in the general environmental the tool is executed.