This document is about PowerDNS 4.X. If you have PowerDNS 3.X, please see the PowerDNS 3.X documentation


dnsscope - A PowerDNS nameserver debugging tool


dnsscope [OPTION]... INFILE


dnsscope takes an INFILE in PCAP format. It generates some simple statistics outputs these to STDOUT.


INFILE : Path to a PCAP file.

-h | --help : Show the help.

--rd : Only process packets in INFILE with the RD (Recursion Desired) flag set. By default, we process all DNS packets in INFILE.

--ipv4 : Process IPv4 packets. On by default, disable with --ipv4 false.

--ipv6 : Process IPv6 packets. On by default, disable with --ipv6 false.

--servfail-tree : Figure out subtrees that generate servfails.

-l | --load-stats : Emit per-second load statistics (questions, answers, outstanding).

-w | --write-failures FILENAME : Write weird packets to a PCAP file at FILENAME.

-v | --verbose : Be more verbose.


pcap(3PCAP), tcpdump(8)