This document is about PowerDNS 4.0. For other versions, please see the documentation index.

Installing PowerDNS

Installation of the PowerDNS Authoritative server on UNIX systems can be done in several ways:

Binary Packages

Debian-based Systems

PowerDNS Authoritative Server is available through the apt system.

# apt-get install pdns-server

Debian splits the backends into several different packages, install the required backend as follows:

# apt-get install pdns-backend-$backend

Redhat-based Systems

On RedHat based system there are 2 options to install PowerDNS, from EPEL, the repository from Kees Monshouwer or from the PowerDNS repositories:

Add either to your list of repositories and install PowerDNS by issuing:

# yum install pdns

The different backends can be installed using

# yum install pdns-backend-$backend


PowerDNS Authoritative Server is available through the ports system:

For the package:

# pkg install dns/powerdns

To have your system build the port:

cd /usr/ports/dns/powerdns/ && make install clean

Mac OS X

PowerDNS Authoritative Server is available through Homebrew:

$ brew install pdns

From source

See the Compiling PowerDNS chapter

After installation

Once installed, set your first steps using MySQL or start migrating your data.