This document is about PowerDNS 4.0. For other versions, please see the documentation index.

Documentation details

The PowerDNS documentation started life as SGML DocBook, and was later converted (with great pain) to XML DocBook. Late 2014, Pieter Lexis contributed a Markdown conversion, which is the basis of the current documentation.

If you note an issue with the new documentation, please open a ticket on GitHub and tell us about it. Or, even better, fork our repo, and edit the files in docs/markdown to improve things.

If your change is simple (say, a typo or a new paragraph), you can do all this entirely from GitHub. Simply fork PowerDNS, find the Markdown file you want to change, edit in place, commit, and create a pull request.

Building and testing

It's recommended to use a virtualenv with the required packages to build the documentation. Virtualenvwrapper can be used to easily create and use a virtualenv.

Once you're in a virtualenv, pip install mkdocs==0.14 pandocfilters==1.2.3 click==5.1 LinkChecker==9.3.

To test-build the documentation, make html/index.html in the docs directory will build the documentation into html/.

To test your changes live, use cd docs/html && mkdocs serve && python -m SimpleHTTPServer, and the new version of your documentation will appear on port 8000 of your machine.