This section describes how the software that delivers the data to dstore should be configured.

For each of the dstore-capable sources you want to have events recorded in dstore, each source is configured individually. By default dstore’s dstore-dist expects messages on TCP port 2000.

PowerDNS Recursor

The PowerDNS Recursor can be configured to forward queries to dstore, with the following setting in recursor.conf:


The Lua configuration file recursor.lua should then contain a function call to route events from the Recursor to dstore on, say, address as follows:

protobufServer("") -- emit events to dstore

See the PowerDNS Recursor documentation on Lua configuration for more information.


dnsdist can also forward queries to dstore. To forward all queries and answers, add the following to dnsdist.conf:

logger = newRemoteLogger('')
AddResponseAction(AllRule(), RemoteLogResponseAction(logger))

More information can be found in the dnsdist documentation.